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(Yourszlf) Way too early for me to be lucid Can't be getting up this early I lose it Everything inside of me is polluted It's just It's like sewage I just I feel foolish I just Go through Go through it Can't do I won't do it no-no. Go through Go through it I go through I'm off today Wait What time is it? One more minute, if it's A.M. can't do Eight Need a couple REMs and double digits 'fore I wake If I'm up I'm probably tripping, probably not thinking straight. Probably think the world is ending and I'll probably be late. Feeling the stress, Daylight save your breath Don't want to stretch I want to stay in bed. Well, come correct. You've got things to address don't you? So just get dressed. You best be making moves. Making time. Making work. Ain't escaping. This all apart of the process; You know you got this get out The Matrix. Everything take time, so there's no time to be wasting. You do this everyday, don't be late, wash your face and just: (Yourszlf and Swami Sound) Go through Go through it Make due Get to it. Yeah Yeah Go through Go through it Go through Just start the day. Lyrics by Raoul A.
Sunny morning wake up to get down Another yawn and my head fin’ to break down We took a second to see past the fake now it’s half past 8 and I can’t seem to make more excuses for us ‘Scuse the chorus Your minds asphalt but your heart is porous In the light of the street girl your eyes a gorgeous We could stay for the week at my aunts in Georgia I know a couple strangers quick turn to friends If it’s any other night I’m fine to pretend At the time I was live in the sky by the pen Take a break take a ride girl your mine after 10 But I know your sleepy, life ain’t easy I tried to relax for the night believe me Your friends are inside and they hype to see me But I don’t even know them guys Ain’t in the mood to show them guys that I know better than many do It’s K from the KE that nigga you aspire to But can’t really get it It’s more than aesthetic it’s a diff kinda wave you can chill - just behave Enda pole pole , bwana ngoja kidogo Umesema uko better, Wacha hizi uwongo Just chill widdit , chill widdit, chill widdit , chill widdit I've got time, but it's not for you (Swami) Top down if you check my style I'm a new dichotomy Locked down if you thought of me then would you come back to me? And all the memories that I thought I never had and they all come back to me. Locked down if you thought of me then would you come back to me? Now Cut the line In the end I've got time But it's not for you
All is to fall I hear your call I hear my conscious call (upendo & Swami) [Chorus] I can't stay any longer but I'lll wait here for you I can't say what it takes to wait here for you (Swami) What I do is for you. (upendo) would I do this for you? All is to fall I hear your call I hear my conscious call [Chorus] (Dai Dai on the 5th Floor) We're just going to have to scrap. You get it? That's where my love is at. Girl, I can't feel your pain. I want to take away those cloudy days. (AADI) [WLGS] Off my shift at the BBC Overnight tweakin' off that NZT Moonwalking graves of my enemies I still hear Michael in my dreams I Fill a terabyte with these memories Like Sly Cooper with a tendencies Still at war with my enemy Pull out the chopper if you aim at me It's a whole lot of gang shit whole lot of gang shit whole lot of gang shit I do whole lot of gang shit whole lot of gang shit whole lot of gang shit Appa on that Aang shit whole lot of gang shit


released November 20, 2018


all rights reserved



Swami Sound New York, New York

not a monolith, just is what it is

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